Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello Berval:

Today is another great opportunity to make the best of the future.  We cannot change the past, so, let's move toward the future with vigor and see what's in store for us.

Your Tech connection in Haiti is a gold mine to be explored fully.  Unlike when we used to be roommates, we explored many opportunities without the proper connections, we went nowhere.  Today, you ae placed in a solid position in a virgin territory in Haiti.  Berval, it time to move and move fast.

We can begin with a Value Added Reselling concept with free support that will link customers to BAFU USA.  You would receive continuous sales and a part of the action for every enrollment for classes at the BAFU INSTITUTE and every membership secured in Haiti.  The minute you sell a computer, you introduce the buyer to the BAFU business already loaded in the system.  The customer begins to earn money with 24 hours after the purchase.

Let's go online for a live demonstration now.  Imagine 1 million people hooked up to this system.  everyone becomes a member at large upon buying your computer.

You give them a ticket system for their online support.

They have a business of their own for each computer you sell to them.

We load a non-circumvent agreement with the new system lest we enter vain competition.

We train them to raise funds for Haiti

They have access to our Internet Marketing classes

Even after they are trained, we can give them supporting documents to back them up as participants in this BERVAL/BAFU initiative when they want to come to the U.S.

We can solicit the large credible fund raising agencies such USAID or the RED CROSS to participate and keep us honest in all our transactions if necessary.